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“I’ve been in the construction industry for over 40 years. We typically run into something that is unforeseen because it’s just the nature of the business.  I have completed my second project with Corey Construction Commercial Services and they have handled every obstacle with ease and everything we have ever thrown at them they have just taken it in stride which has been super good. Essentially I have spoken with these guys to let them know our schedule and prior to us even needing them, they start showing up on the job to verify that we are ready.  They take control of the roof and get their equipment and material flown up so when we are ready, they can hit it full blast.  They’ve never failed on the schedule, they’ve never failed on any warranty work, and they’ve always been very consistent.  I would highly recommend them to other construction companies. Their management is second to none and they continuously follow up with their projects, follow up with us, and are one subcontractor we don’t have to keep calling because they are always on site when they need to be here.”

Gene McCutcheon
- Rampart Multifamily

Turnkey Solutions

Corey Construction Commercial Services is an industry leader of turnkey roofing solutions for multifamily and commercial customers. We offer a full range of services including new construction roofing, commercial roof repairs and inspections, roof replacements, and preventative maintenance.

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We specialize in all types of systems including, but not limited to:
  • Metal Roof Systems
  • Tile Roof Systems
  • Shingle Roof Systems
  • Thermoplastic Roof Systems
  • Commercial Gutters
  • Sheet Metal Fabrications
  • Roof Coatings
  • Metal Wall Systems

How can we serve you?

New Construction

Corey Construction Commercial Services offers new construction roof services to general contractors, owners, architects, and construction companies.

We understand that new construction commercial roofing projects are time sensitive and require thorough planning and budgeting. We also understand that each new construction project is uniquely different, therefore, our team custom tailors each commercial roof system to meet the demands of our clients.

Clients can choose from a number of new construction services including but not limited to: Thermoplastic/Single Ply roof systems, Metal roof systems, Concrete & Clay Tile roof systems, Asphalt roof systems, and Metal wall systems.

Our team has installed high quality, custom commercial roofing on retail centers, multifamily projects, churches, schools, hospitals, high rises, distribution warehouses, manufacturing plants, and office buildings.

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Inspections & Maintenance

Expand the life of your roof with Corey Construction Commercial Services Maintenance Plan!

All commercial roofing systems require maintenance even after its initial installation. Many roofing manufacturers recommend, or require, a building owner to maintain a preventative maintenance program to keep the warranty effective and valid. - Our team works closely with the building owner and facility manager to prevent harsh weather and aging damage. As roofing systems mature, investing in preventative maintenance now can save on major capital expenditures later.

Corey Construction Commercial Services offers comprehensive maintenance services to ensure your roof is in optimal condition year-round.

Our roof maintenance services consist of, but are not limited to:

Full roof inspections and evaluations
Cleaning drains and gutter systems
Repairing punctures and tears
Removing accumulated debris
Repairing any bent, rusted, or damaged flashing

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Service & Repairs

Leaky or otherwise damaged roofs lead to costly repairs and pose serious safety hazards within your building.

In order to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality roof, our well-trained team can provide a commercial roof inspection to assess damaged or worn areas. - Our team can quickly repair or replace the issues before the problem worsens.

We then track each individual building’s leak history and expenses. This allows our customers to have timely and accurate information concerning their roof expenditures and roof conditions. With this information, we help maintain one your most costly and important assets.

We provide a multitude of commercial roof repair services including simple repairs, re-flashing, tear offs, commercial roof leaks and more. It is imperative to address commercial roof repair needs quickly when they arise to avoid larger expenditures.

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