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about your roof warranty

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There are two types of warranties that cover roofs: manufacturer warranties that cover the materials themselves, and workmanship warranties that are offered directly through Corey Construction as we install your new roofing system.

The most common kind of roof warranty is a shingle warranty or manufacturer’s warranty, which may cover you for 20 to 50 years. This type of warranty protects you against defects in the roofing materials themselves, causing them to break down or fail before they should.

As a certified installer with the leading shingle manufacturers, you can rest assured knowing that your new roof comes with both the manufacturer’s warranty and Corey Construction’s workmanship warranty.

Now that your new roof has been installed, it’s important to register your roof.  With Corey Construction, we’ve made that process fast and simple. Please complete the form below to get started.

Caring for your new roof

Maintenance and Care
After two years, your roof should be annually maintained – penetrations resealed, debris cleaned off, etc. Please note that a manufacturer’s warranty may be void if the homeowner cannot demonstrate the roof has been periodically maintained. Also, in many cases a substandard roof is attributable to poor installation — against which you may have no warranty.

Hiring an experienced roofer you can trust is so important. At Corey Construction, we stand behind our work and only use the highest quality materials. We also offer extended Maintenance and Care Packages to ensure that your roof is properly maintained and cared for to protect your warranty and investment.

Learn more about our Maintenance and Care Packages.
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Corey Construction stands behind our work. We promise quality, dependability and ownership to all of our customers. Every roofing project or construction project, residential and commercial, is backed by manufacturers’ warranties and Corey Construction workmanship. We take pride in our work and we are confident that our work is better than the rest. Need assistance? Let us know how we can help you.

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