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"Brent with Corey Construction has successfully delivered high quality roofs. They have always had a high quality product and a passion to ensure their roofs are better than the rest. - They stand behind their work, and that's why they are the roofing company we turn to."

- Paul Voisinet

"Y'all are doing awesome! Keep up the great work!"

- Adam Traczek, Shaddock Homes

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Turnkey Roofing Solutions

With a track record of being the go-to turnkey roofing partner for over 450 homebuilders since our inception in 1999, Corey Construction has built a reputation based on trust and quality craftsmanship. Each project we undertake is executed with the utmost attention to detail and care, as if we were working on our own home.

Our extensive network of skilled roofers consists of more than 100 crews, each bringing a unique set of expertise to the table. This allows us to tailor the perfect team for every job, ensuring that the specific requirements and nuances of each project are met with precision and excellence.

Catering to both production homebuilders and custom homebuilders, Corey Construction proudly serves various regions in Texas including greater Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, as well as Nashville and Atlanta. Our ability to swiftly take on a diverse range of projects showcases our versatility and commitment to meeting the needs of our clients.

At Corey Construction, we don't just build roofs - we build relationships, one project at a time.

How can we serve you?

New Construction Roofing

Whether it’s a project involving the construction of hundreds of homes, or one custom roof requiring special attention to unique detail, Corey Construction works efficiently to install roofs of high quality that give homebuilders and homeowners peace of mind.

Our crews have years of roofing experience, have been trained to install materials according to the manufacturer's exacting standards and are knowledgeable about OSHA safety standards.

Your project will be assigned a supervisor who serves as a single point of contact for you and who manages the work from start to finish - which includes a final walk-through inspection to ensure the roof is completely free of defects.

Turnkey Roofing Solutions

Our highly experienced roofing team will help you determine whether repairs — or a roof replacement — is in order.

Corey Construction takes special pride in its prompt service, delivered by a team of roofing specialists who can address any and all of your roofing needs.

Because there are many types of roofing systems in Texas, Georgia and Tennessee, it is imperative that you work with someone who has the most technical knowledge about your specific system.

Corey matches every project's unique requirements with an account manager, supervisor and crew who have specific experience in troubleshooting and installation of your specific roofing system.

Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to offer upgraded warranty plans that are often not available from other roofing companies.

Roof Estimation

Corey Construction's estimation team can accurately estimate the size, scope and cost of your upcoming project.

Whether it's a small repair or addition, or a large, commercial building, we have the experts to provide detailed and timely estimates. And because we're big believers in precision and transparency, we use advanced estimating software tools specific to various roofing systems and meet with every customer personally to help them understand exactly what we are quoting and why.

This establishes expectations before a project starts and makes a job run more smoothly. Understanding the scope of a project also helps eliminate unexpected costs during the course of work.

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