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Causes of Roof Damage

Roof Damage Due to Weather
Heavy wind, hail and storms can cause severe damage to roof shingles and can go undetected until your roof starts to leak. The age and condition of a roof could affect the degree of damage by a hailstorm as well as the size of the hailstone.  Also, nearby structures and landscaping such as trees, fencing and other homes can act as either barriers and reduce damage during a storm or create more damage.  That’s why regular inspections and maintenance are so important for a healthy roof.  Loose, damaged or missing shingles can all be the result of one storm or many storms over the life of a roof.

Roof Damage Due to Age of the Roof
Over time, it is natural for your roof to age and suffer wear and tear. The older your roof, the more prone it is to suffer damage to mother nature, animals and deterioration. If you live in hotter climates, like Texas, homeowners may often notice cracked shingles. Asphalt shingles should be flexible when they’re new, allowing them to flex and adjust as they’re placed on the roof. However, when a roof is exposed to high temperatures, the shingles can dry out and lose their flexibility. They then become brittle and can crack. When this happens, your roof is more vulnerable to leaks, so you may need a roof replacement to protect your home. You may also notice shingle discoloration or blistering due to the hot and humid climate.

Poor Maintenance and Installation

One of the major causes of roofing damage is due to lack of maintenance. Prevention is always better than cure. It is important to schedule professional roof inspections and regular maintenance. Another common cause of roof damage is improper installation methods. If someone installs your roof incorrectly, not only will it leave you with a pooling water problem but also poor insulation and even an excess of air leaks resulting in costly utility bills. There are many causes of leaks and damage to roofs. If your roof does have damage, contact a professional roofing contractor, like Corey Construction fix any issues and prevent further damage to your roof and home.

Roof Repairs

Corey Construction provides comprehensive roofing services for homeowners in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Central Texas and Atlanta. We are committed to providing quality roof repair services with exceptional customer service. Our roofing services cover all aspects of your roofing system. From flashing and venting to chimneys and gutters, everything is covered. We will begin by providing a thorough roof inspection to assess the roof damage and scope of work. We will provide a free assessment and estimate to ensure that there are no surprises. We will then repair or replace roof shingles that have been damaged by hail, wind, or just normal wear and tear. To ensure that your home is not damaged by water, get professional roof repairs.

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Emergency Roof Repairs

At Corey Construction roofing company, we understand that a major roof leak and roof damage due to weather may need to be repaired quickly and time is of the essence. We have an emergency roof repair team that can help quickly. If you have a roof leak emergency or need help as quickly as possible, contact us now.

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Roofing Repair Service Areas

Corey Construction roofing company roof repair service areas include: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Fort Worth, Atlanta, The Woodlands, Pearland, Spring Branch, Memorial, Katy, Cypress, The Heights, Sugarland, Missouri City, Humble, Round Rock and Central Texas

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